• Image of Making pasta sauces - Saturday 14 March 2020

It is easy to buy dried pasta in a shop...but what about the sauce that goes with it? Please don't buy a jar of sauce - make it yourself from scratch.

In this class, which will be part demonstration and part hands-on, we will be preparing up to five different sauces to try with either freshly made pasta or dried pasta. Sauces include: my mother's meat ragu', Amatriciana sauce, a pesto and a another sauce to be decided when I visit the market to shop for the class. We will be working at the kitchen bench and enjoying tastes of all the sauces with multiple courses of pasta at a sit-down meal. The pasta will be washed down by wine and you will have a take-home recipe book. You will be enjoying a lot of pasta so please bring a healthy appetite.

The class runs from 11 am - 2pm and there will be a maximum of seven participants.

Bring an apron if you would like to wear one during the class.

If there are fewer than 4 participants, classes may be cancelled and your money will be refunded. If you are unable to attend a class with up to 72 hours (3 full days) notice, you can obtain a credit for a future class.

When purchasing the class you will be asked for a shipping address - just enter a home or work address (I will not use it for anything, it is just how My Big Cartel works).

I will be in touch by email to give you the address in North Fitzroy and directions for the class a week beforehand. I very much look forward to cooking with you!